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new colour rainjacket for dogs


The garment is made out of two layers eco certified wool fabric, knitted in Sweden. Outer layer is made of an exclusive, felted, warm, woolfabric that keeps the shape. Lined with soft wool interlock. The interaction between the two fabrics gives a very comfortable, durable and warm garment of pure wool. Wool has highly moisture absorbent fibers, that makes it able to be warm even when damp. It is also naturally antibacterial, so it´s often enough to hang the garment in fresh air between use.

The jacket is designed by high performance trainers and textile experts. It keeps the dog comfortable and warm with excellent ease to make sure warming up and down wont interfere with the dogs movement.

The smart construction makes it easy to use. Clean cut back makes it perfect to use with out-n-out dry speed high tech rain coat (or any other rain coat) for extreme circumstanses.

All our products are developed and MADE in Borås Sweden. We believe the best products are made by people that finds joy in their profession. We are very proud to be able to work with such craftsmen that we do. Closeby.

Welcome to Out-n-out Sweden!

We develop and produce functional high-quality products in stylish Swedish design for man´s best friend. Our aim is perfection! We, at Out-n-out, care about nature and protecting our environment and this is reflected across all aspects of our work. We want to be part in creating a bright future for the coming generations.

We run classes in agility training and take part in different tournaments. We love to train our dogs to improve and develop behaviors and skills and build a closer bond between us. We feel passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with our students, friends and clients.

If you need help and advice whether it is in training your dog or choosing a product in our collection, do not hesitate to contact us: or +46 705-254922.